P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 25.02.19

This week have learnt about food in French, and how to spell them in French. We also did a quiz to check our learning using Plicker cards (we all have our own QR code that we hold up to answer questions. Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair can scan the room with a device, and it tells us instantly who got things correct or incorrect).

Also, we learnt about dialogue, and how to use speech marks in our stories. We wrote an imaginative ending to a story that had a lot of dialogue in the middle.

We did some science experiments with mirrors and water to find out more about reflection and refraction of light, and played a game using Plicker cards.

In PE we were playing a game with playing cards and decided exercises for all the types of cards, we ran to the deck of cards and did the exercises on that card.

By Vi and Dylan

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