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For the past three weeks we have been doing Bikeability 2 as we completed Bikeability 1 in Primary 5. It is all about being safe on the road while cycling.

We have around 8 instructors who volunteer their time to help us improve.

During the first week we learned the basics of manoeuvring on and off our bikes. We also learned the basics of cycling on the road and signalling. During the second week we learned how to do U turns on the road and making sure we do our life saver (second) look to make sure there are no cars.

This week, our third week of training, we learned how to do left turns as well as moving from a big junction to a small junction or the other way round.

There are still 4 more weeks left until we finish Bikeability 2. We are enjoying the training, we have improved our confidence in riding our bikes on the road and also our co-operation with each other feeding back about what we could improve next time.

By Anna and Ben.                                                           

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