999! Emergency Services Visit P6!

Today we had an exciting surprise waiting for us when we got to school!

We had a real sense of community feeling during our Early Intervention. There were firefighters and police officers waiting for along with their vehicles and equipment.

First of all, each class got to look at the firefighters’ appliance, looked at the equipment and got to sit in the seats in the back. Some people even got to try on the uniform! We think the teachers enjoyed wearing the fire helmets more than we did!

We learnt about the role of a firefighter, and that the tank in the appliance has 1800l of water, the equivalent of 3600 water bottles! They had two inflatable mats that could support over 30 tonnes, and heavy equipment that helped them to open doors.

Next, we saw the police officers. They let us try their uniform and batons, and some people got handcuffed! They also showed us old fashioned uniforms too. Some people got to go in the front of the van and beep the horn while the sirens were on, everyone else enjoyed dancing to the sound of the sirens. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the back of their police van because the hinge got stuck.

It was a really fun morning, we hope they come back to show us more!

By Sam and Lewis

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