Dawid’s chilling Treasure Tale!

Dawid’s story is full of imaginative language and similes and he manages to successfully build suspense to a chilling climax! Fantastic work Dawid!

Island Katchadoran 

The wind tossed the tiny boat, the single figure huddled in the prow watching the mysterious island grow larger on the horizon. Steven was an archaeologist who went to discover the mysterious treasures of Katchadoran. Racing towards the island the boat crashed on the golden sand surrounded by waving palm trees. Surprised, he noticed a perfect circle of smooth and wet rocks with a large one in the middle. 

Steven approached the circle minding the jaggy nettles that where as green as the flowery meadows. Standing in front of the rocks Steven noticed the hand print in the large rock. Courageously, Steven lifted his hand to put in the hand print. However, the rock started to glow orange and a hole started to open. Steven slid down the hole to find himself in a mouldy, old and cobbled dungeon. Steven examined the dungeon and a golden glow caught his eye. It was the treasure of Katchadoran. 

Dashing towards the treasure, some iron bars crashed to the ground. The only other way to get to the treasure was by walking over a rickety bridge. Steven thought to himself this is the only way to get to the treasure I got to risk it for the biscuit. Cautiously, Steven walked over the bridge but when he got to the middle the bridge started to fall apart Steven started to run. Steven was nearly there but right infront of him the logs cracked sending Steven down into the ravine. Suddenly, he noticed a blue glow and some pixie like animals started to lift him up onto the ledge. 

Steven thanked the little pixie animals and asked where they came from, they told him that there was once a guardian that protected over island Katchadoran but he got to old so he went to find another island to live on and from that Time we have been looking for a new guardianDetermined to find the treasure of Katchadoran, he asked the little pixies where the treasure was. The pixies eyes lit up, they started to circle around Steven who was looking more puzzled than ever. 

The pixies created a portal from underneath. The portal led straight to the treasure which Steven went to collect. However, the treasure started to sink into him and he started to turn green and his eyes turned yellow the pixies started to dance. It turned out that Steven was turning into the guardian. 

By Dawid 

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