Lent begins for St John’s with Ash Wednesday Mass

Primary 4-7 pupils were joined by parishoners as they attended St Mary Magdalene’s church this morning to celebrate Ash Wednesday. Primary 4 led the Mass and the readers spoke very well. The altar servers did an excellent job of helping Fr Jock, the music group from St Mary Magdalene’s and two staff members helped create a prayerful environment for the children and school staff commented on the calm atmosphere in the church this morning.

Father Jock’s homily focused on the meaning of Lent and children answered questions he asked confidently and thoughtfully. Father Jock was also very helpful and took time out of his busy schedule to visit the P1-3 classes in school to give them ashes.

We will talk about our aims this Lent at assembly on Friday and how we might fundraise in support of SCIAF over the next six weeks!

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