People Who Help Us – The Dentist!

Primary 1 had a visit from Jackie and Rachael yesterday. They both work at Duddingston Dental Practice and came to show us how to look after our teeth.

We learned that we need to brush our teeth twice a day. We played a sorting game where we had to say if a food or drink was healthy or unhealthy for our teeth. There were some big surprises! We learned that fruit smoothies are not so good for our teeth and that salty popcorn is a tooth-friendly snack.

The children asked really sensible questions:

‘Why do we need to brush our teeth?’ Lucas

‘How do germs grow on your teeth?’ Sunny

We had a big chat about what the ladies do in their working day and we learned that if you want to be a dentist, it is really important to practise your reading, writing and numeracy skills. Rachael told us that they have to do lots of counting, measuring, reading and report writing  every day!

A big thank you to Jackie and Rachael for our visit.


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