P6 Learning – Week beginning 24.02.19

We have had a busy week!

In art, we have been transcribing the work of Steven Brown, and love how colourful and individual they have turned out. We chose what materials we used for them and what animal we drew.

In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. Firstly, we learnt the vocabulary to describe their properties; words such as edges, faces, vertices and apex. Next, we took our ipads and went outside to find shapes in the environment and talked about how they are used in nature and design. We picked our best photo and annotated it in our jotters.

This week was Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. We enjoyed going to church and getting ashes placed on our foreheads in the shape of a crosses. The ashes symbolise new life.

In writing, we are looking at news articles. Some people brought in examples of news articles and we picked out the key features. We are looking forward to writing our own next week!

We also listened to a piece of music called Zadok the Priest by a composer called Handel. As we listened, we used whatever materials we wanted to draw how it made us feel, or what it made us think of. It was interesting to see the variety of things we drew! We were shocked by how familiar it sounded, despite being nearly 300 years old, until some of us realised it is the inspiration for the Champions League song!

Finally, we started an exciting project this week. We got into groups and have been given the task of redeveloping a piece of land. In a few week’s time we will be pitching, apprentice-style, to Karren and Claude (Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair!), who will pick the group with the most interesting, but realistic, land use. This week we picked team names and logos, and brainstormed some land use ideas, thinking of how we could justify them.

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