Tea with SLT 12th March

Mr Burgess and Mrs Kelly were delighted to welcome children to Tea with SLT this afternoon to celebrate their achievements in learning.

Lois P2 has pushed herself in literacy and created fantastic sentences, Albie from P1 has made a real effort to present his work beautifully this week in class. Sarah from P1 was joined by her brother Rian for Tea with SLT today, Sarah made an excellent drawing about the Lion King whilst Rian has shown excellent knowledge of times tables!

Kyle from P2 has made an excellent effort with his writing and Joseph from P4 has demonstrated that he can consistently engage in class and has made a real effort to improve his handwriting. Sienna from P3 has made an excellent effort in all areas of the curriculum in class and Destinee from P6 has been enthusiastic and positive in all her learning this week, well done!

Liam from P7 has been an excellent Team editor as part of the Newswire workshops in class today and Evie from P3 made a lovely journal all about her trip to the Playhouse yesterday. Clarissa’s artwork was inspired by her experience at the Lion King and included lots of fantastic detail as was Leo from P5. Lastly, Noel wrote a funny and detailed newspaper account based on the discovery of Nessie, we thought it was amazing!

Well done to all our learners this week, some fantastic examples of learning in all areas of the curriculum, the Lion King has really inspired our work this week!

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