P6 Learning Log – Lion King Week!

P6 have been very excited for The Lion King this week, so to prepare we have been doing lots of African-themed activities.

Firstly, went on Google Maps on our iPads and looked at different African landmarks and landscapes, such as the pyramids at Giza, Mount Kilimanjaro and Victoria Falls.

We then learnt about kente cloth, which is a cloth from Ghana made on looms. It is made of squares of colourful patterns which are woven together, and each colour has a different meaning. We used pieces of paper and each made a square, and then we are going to put them together to make it look like a piece of kente cloth.

We also researched the names of the characters in The Lion King, because they all have names which mean something in Swahili, and then made Book Creators about them. It was very interesting learning why they have the names they do.

In PE, we created danced in groups to songs from The Lion King. It was so fun expressing ourselves through dance.

Finally, we got to go to the Playhouse in town and got to see The Lion King! It was amazing! We loved all the dances and the characters; overall it was fabulous! Thank you for reading our blog, and don’t forget, Hakuna Matata!

By Daisy and Iona

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