Hello P.1 – a message from your teachers

A big hello to all our P.1 children and parents…or should we say teachers! We are thinking about you and hope you are well. We also hope you are managing and enjoying your home learning. Here is a suggested outline of activities you could do each day – remember what works best for you and your family is completely fine with us! Try to space out ‘sitting down tasks’ with more active ‘hands on tasks’ to help with concentration!

Daily Tasks:

Start each day with some exercise – join in with Joe Wicks daily P.E. lesson or try a Cosmic Yoga session.

Choose the order you complete these tasks:

20 minutes of number work using your workbook and oral work based on the content of that day’s page.

Write the date each day.

Read or listen to a story.

20 minutes of sound/word work using the materials in your pack.

Play Sumdog.

Draw and colour a picture of your choice. Write about it.

Phone a family member or a friend to talk and listen (check with an adult first)!

Listen to music and sing along – dance!

Build a lego model.

Handwriting practice using your booklet in the pack.

Do a jigsaw puzzle or make one using your own picture.

Play a phonics/rhyme game online.

Be creative – dress up and invent a story to act out or use your toys.

Play a board game.

Read an information text.

Help with jobs around the house – make your bed and tidy your room.

Look at clocks in your house and tell the time – focus on the hour and half past for now (do more if you can).

Play outside if you can – use your own ‘loose parts’ from materials at home.

Run or walk a few laps of your garden or house !

The above are suggestions for core daily activities.

Check out the learning grid in the P.1 section for other activity ideas. We will post a new grid on Monday – aim to complete 1 or 2 activities from this daily but again, do what you can! There are so many online learning materials available – last week, Mrs Kelly posted a list of websites so have a look there too.

Most of all, keep learning fun and please make time for relaxing family experiences too like watching a film together, sharing family stories and looking at photos!

Sending you all our very best wishes,

The P.1 Team

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