Advice from CEC for nursery parents

Early Learning and Childcare – What to Expect When Your Child Is Not Able to Attend Nursery

·         Your nursery will provide guidance and information to you as to how to best support your child’s learning through play at home.

Guidance on developing appropriate experiences and activities will be shared with you by your nursery.

·         Children at this stage in their development learn best through real-life experiences, not formal teaching.

·         Your setting will continue to update and build on previous experiences over time.  Individual nurseries will share this information in a way that best suits their local community.

·         Many activities will require everyday items that you may already have around the house, which we call ‘Loose Parts’ e.g. bottle tops, cardboard tubes and boxes.

·         Research tells us that the best way to support our children’s learning at this stage is time and attention from an adult, lots of spoken language and reading.

·         If your nursery uses eLearning journals please share your children’s activities and experiences through photos and comments.


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