Links to P5 First Holy Communion Masses

Due to Covid-19, First Holy Communions were delayed last session. Dates and times have now been agreed for the children in P5 who are making their First Holy Communion.

Restrictions are still place regarding the number of people who can attend Mass however the links below will enable family and friends who cannot be there in person to take part in the Mass online.

We are sure the celebrations will be prayerful, happy and joyful occasions for our First Communicants and we offer our prayers for them on their special day.

First Holy Communion Masses

Sat 24th October 10 am St John’s

Friday 30th October 6pm St Mary Magdalene’s

Saturday 7th November 10am St Mary Magdalene’s

Friday 13 November 6pm St John’s

Saturday 21st November 10am St John’s

Friday 27th November 6pm St John’s

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