P6A Learning Log

We started off the week learning a bit about the Titanic. We completed a Titanic cross-section and learned about all the rooms and how it was built. It took three years to build and a lot of workers, but the end result was amazing! They called it the unsinkable ship; a bit ironic, I know.

On Wednesday, we learned about the life of a worker building the Titanic in Belfast. It was very hard for them, and not much money in return. Then, after researching about this, we wrote diary entries as if we were a dock worker. We thought of their name, age and job and added every detail of their day.

On Thursday, we talked about buoyancy and made our own boats out of tin foil. We put them in a bucket of water and placed pennies on them, to see how many pennies it would take to make them sink. We had a couple of goes at building boats and added our scores up, and the winners got a prize.

In numeracy, we have started learning about function machines. This is where you imagine a machine that has a function like ‘add five’ or ‘take away seven’, things like that. Then you put your input in, do the function, and get an output.

In RE, we learned about the children of Fatima. They saw Mary, and she kept coming back to the same place in Portugal. Gradually the crowd got bigger and bigger until almost everyone knew about it. Some believed them, some not. Because of that, the children got kidnapped and didn’t get to see Mary again.

Finally, in PE we have been doing athletics, and been practising our sprinting. We also played team tig and played a big game of football rounders. It’s basically the same as normal rounders but instead of batting the ball we kick it. It ended up in a draw! After the game we picked our person of the match and they got a prize.

By Ava

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