P3 learning

We were talking all things beans this week, from planting our seeds into soil and watching them germinate to taking on the characters of Jack and the Beanstalk and deciding who’s side of events we agree with in the story through a hotseating activity! We generated questions to ask ‘Jack’ or the ‘Giant’ which lead to some very funny answers. We then wrote a persuasive piece of writing arguing which character was in the right. Aside from this we were fraction mad this week in P3, building pizzas and fraction walls and even exploring equivalent fractions! We practiced ‘ou’ words for our spelling challenge along with learning the spelling rules for adding ‘ed’ to the end of a word. We spoke about our Reconcilliation and how we have all been on this special journey together and how it’s now time for some of us to take the final step in our journey in the next couple of weeks. Finally we revisited out rainforest topic and spoke about the tribes who live there and compared their life to our lives in Scotland. We then decided to climb high up into the canopy and draw an animal that we would find there- the lovely toucan! Lots of fun and lots of hard work this week in P3:)

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