P2 – August 23rd 2021

What a busy week we have had in Primary 2! We have enjoyed reading chapters 1-5 of George’s Marvellous Medicine as part of our whole school Roald Dahl topic. The children have really enjoyed hearing about making the medicine. We learned about adjectives and described George and Grandma in our writing jotters. We noticed that the describing words we picked were very different for each character!

In numeracy, we are learning about numbers to 100. This week we have been exploring the hundred square and finding missing numbers. The children worked together in pairs and helped each other, which was lovely to watch.

In art, we used wax crayons and watercolours to create magical pictures of George making his fantastic medicine. We think they look fabulous! We discussed how to keep ourselves safe around medicines and talked about how to tell the difference between food and medicines.

We chatted about how only trusted adults should give us medicine. The children shared their thoughts and experiences with each other:

‘The doctor gave me calpol to help my sore foot.’ – Cillian

‘I had medicine when I had an allergic reaction.’ – Emma

‘My mummy gives me calpol if I am too hot.’ – Ruby

‘We keep our medicine in a cupboard and it’s locked.’ – Kirsty

The children have also enjoyed playing in our developing playzone and outside on the new playground equipment. They were very good at encouraging one another, cheering each other on and telling each other ‘I believe in you! You can do it!’

Some children were sharing their best strategies for tackling the more challenging aspects of the climbing frames. Well done Primary 2!

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