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All week we were having lunch with our buddies and playing outside with them. We played games like tig, What’s the Time Mr Wolf and Cops and Robbers. We have a responsibility to look after them, encourage them to eat and show them around the dining hall. We tell them where to get their stuff and to show them how to be sensible and to be good role models.  Today we were playing police with our buddies in the playground. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and it is amazing we are able to work with them this year.  

TV Adverts

For the next few weeks St John’s is working on a famous author named Roald Dahl. Each class has been given a book of their to work on, our class p7a, got the book Matilda! We’ve been doing a lot about the book and one of the most exiting things we’ve done was making a car advert for a car in a very bad state. We all separated into groups and planned our advert making sure negatives were turned into positives. It’s fair to say that lots of groups did different things, such as: comedies, pov’s and many others. Everyone did really well and it was lots of fun getting creative!    


Since we’ve come back, we have been revising place value in maths with numbers to a million. We also recapped some of our tables knowledge and have worked on place value problem solving.

HIIT Workouts

This week we did P.E with Mrs Pacitti it was a HIIT workout which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. We did 10 exercises for forty seconds at a time with a twenty second break, the exercises were, sprints, squat ball,  jumping jacks, bear crawl, planks, mountain climber, squat jumps, speed skating, ladder, and burpees. We worked as hard as we can and really enjoyed it. We also had P.E with Mr Divine  we focused on speed and agility doing an obstacle course where we had to jump, climb and go under different obstacles the girls and boys both had turns to make an obstacle course, when we went outside we played different games including capture the flag (cone), catch the tail, chaos tig and different throwing games. All together we have had a great start of term. 


In literacy we’ve been doing things to do with the book Matilda. 

We made cut out and painted some of the main characters from Matilda like Matilda, Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull, Mr and Mrs Wormwood. We also thought about words that described them and stuck them beside the characters.

We also made limericks about the characters from Matilda. 

A limerick is a funny poem that has to have five lines. The first two had to rhyme, the third and fourth had to rhyme and the last one had to rhyme with the first two. Here are some examples: 

There once was a fierce lady called Trunchball 

Who was overly powerful  

She haunted their dreams 

When they saw her they screamed 

Her voice was terrifying and cruel 

There once was a harsh strict teacher. 

And if you tried to preach her 

You would scream in the chokey 

Until your voice was croaky  

She was like a terrible creature  


P7A did a lot of art this week, we have done graffiti art with our names inspired by Banksy and Keith Haring. We discussed some of their graffiti to see what the classes thoughts were on if it’s vandalism or art. The majority of the class said art. They thought it was art because it was making it made people stop look and think. It’s more colourful and creative and people were expressing themselves through art. On the other hand some of our class mates thought it was vandalism because it’s harming people’s private property which means it’s illegal.  

We had also did some outdoor art with stuff based on Andy Goldsworthy we found at Figgate Park such as, leaves, sticks, flowers, stones and much more, it was great fun and a nice way to start the year off.

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