Primary 2 Learning 2.5-13.5

A busy couple of weeks in primary 2!

In literacy we have been revising sounds we know and thinking about how we can say words slowly to hear the sounds and help us spell. We have also learned lots of new tricky words, and in writing we have focussed on making non-fiction texts including a fact-file all about Scotland.

In numeracy we have been finishing off our work on subtraction and will be starting to look at early multiplication and division by grouping and sharing over the next few weeks, while in maths we have been looking at fractions starting with halves and quarters this week.

We have also started our new topic – Healthy Heroes! Over the coming weeks we will become a superhero training academy in primary 2, learning how to keep our brains and bodies healthy to develop our secret superpowers. This week we thought about what we already know, as well as receiving a special message from the superhero commissioner to tell us our challenge.

Thank you to everyone who has been coming to school in gym kit on Friday – this will be our PE day moving forward through the rest of the term. We are learning about the effects of exercise on our bodies and thinking about target setting throughout our circuit training unit.

In RE we have been talking about Mary and will be learning the ‘Hail Mary’ over the next couple of weeks.

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