Primary 2 Learning 16th – 20th May

This week in primary two we have been busy drawing, building, writing and grouping!

In literacy we have been learning about compound words and syllables, and will be continuing this work over the next few weeks. We have learned that compound words are made from two other words joined together to make a new one, for example butter + fly make butterfly, or foot + ball make football. We have also learned new tricky words ‘those,’ ‘buy’ and ‘first.’ Please keep practising these at home to help your child remember how to spell them.

In writing we have continued our work on non-fiction texts, designing a fact file about a super hero! The children had lots of great ideas for powers, costumes and back stories.

In numeracy this week we have been continuing our work on grouping, learning how to write groups as different number sentences, for example 3 groups of 2 could be 2 +2 + 2, or 3 x 2. We will continue to practise this next week.

We have also been learning about halves and quarters, and had great fun using the numicon to find halves of amounts as well as cutting and folding shapes to see which we could divide into halves and quarters.

In RE we have been learning the Hail Mary, and your child has hopefully brought home a copy of the prayer so that they can continue to practise at home as well as at school – check their bag if you haven’t received this!

We have also been continuing our work to become Healthy Heroes! We have designed and created our superhero costumes using collage, learned about the super power of having a go through Peter Reynolds’ The Dot, and continued to keep our bodies fit and healthy through our circuit training PE lessons.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

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