P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 18.03.19

On Monday this week we continued making French food menus. When we finished them, we got into partners, and one of us pretended to be a customer while the other one pretended to be a server. The customer ordered off the menu and the server took our order and counted up the total in Euros.

We have been writing springtime stories. On Tuesday we wrote the first paragraph using a ‘roll your own adventure’ sheet. You had to roll a dice four times, and the numbers told you where and when it should be set, who the main character should be, and what the main plot should be. We finished writing the stories on Thursday, making sure they had lots of dialogue, similes and descriptive adjectives.

We also started SRA comprehension this week. Last week we filled in a test sheet which determined what level we start at. This week Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair told us what colour of comprehension sheet we should take. We each got a card which suited our level, and read through it and answered questions.

On Wednesday we learnt about Nowruz, which is Persian New Year. We learnt about their special table called a haftseen, which has special items on it, and learnt that people celebrate by jumping over fire.

In maths we have been focusing on division, and all the maths groups have moved onto using written strategies. It has been tricky but it is rewarding when you understand how to do it!

By Lucy and Ben

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 11.03.19

This week we made our own French menus. Firstly, we looked at French menus, then we used the information we had learned to create our own menus. We learnt that some foods are spelt the same as food in English. We liked that we could make our design of the menu in any way we wanted.

We also did an experiment to investigate sound waves. We used instruments to make noises, and watched how they caused vibrations, and we made noise next to a drum with rice on it and watched as the rice moved.

As part of the 40 acts of kindness this Lent, we wrote thank you cards to the support staff of St John’s. The activity was to write a letter to someone we appreciate. We learned that when you show someone gratitude they will show gratitude back. We really enjoyed writing to someone we know and appreciate.

By Dawid and Lochlan

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 04.03.19

This has been a very busy snapshot jotter week!

In maths we were learning about budgeting and how to compare prices. It was hard and fun at the same time. We have learnt how to plan and shop on a budget.

On Tuesday it was Pancake Tuesday so we made pancakes in our classrooms. It was hard because it was some people’s first time making pancakes but they were delicious. On the same day, we wrote a recipe for how to make pancakes.

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It was also Fairtrade fortnight, so we watching videos and then answered questions, pretending we were Fairtrade farmers.

On Wednesday we went to mass at St Mary Magdalene’s because it was Ash Wednesday. The priest put ash on our foreheads in the sign of the cross.

It was World Book Day on Thursday. We all came to school in our pyjamas (even the teachers!) and brought in our favourite books. We made a book creator in pairs to compare our favourite books and then had a drama lesson at the end of the day to act out a scene of dialogue.

By Matthew and Ria

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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 25.02.19

This week have learnt about food in French, and how to spell them in French. We also did a quiz to check our learning using Plicker cards (we all have our own QR code that we hold up to answer questions. Ms Mitchell and Miss Sinclair can scan the room with a device, and it tells us instantly who got things correct or incorrect).

Also, we learnt about dialogue, and how to use speech marks in our stories. We wrote an imaginative ending to a story that had a lot of dialogue in the middle.

We did some science experiments with mirrors and water to find out more about reflection and refraction of light, and played a game using Plicker cards.

In PE we were playing a game with playing cards and decided exercises for all the types of cards, we ran to the deck of cards and did the exercises on that card.

By Vi and Dylan