P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 10.12.18

This week we have been doing lots of Christmas things. Our favourite thing that we did was creating a winter scene with oil pastels and paints. It was really fun. We also made placements that we can use for our Christmas party on Tuesday, and we had a nice Christmas lunch.

On Wednesday we watched the P1 Nativity – it was really good. After that we talked about the Nativity story, then got into partners and made a Book Creator e-book to tell the story.

We played football in PE and everybody liked it. It was fun. Every week there are new teams and new people to play with. One week though the Brighton house were having their house treat so the teams were smaller, but this week we had full teams.

We also learnt a Highland Hustle dance for our Christmas party. It was really tiring but enjoyable. We did it to the song ‘Timber’.

By Sophie, Noel and Filip


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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 03.12.18

This week we have enjoyed doing yoga and meditation to stretch and relax our bodies.

We learnt about the Battle of Stirling Bridge; Scotland and England had a battle right over Stirling Bridge. Scotland should have lost because they were outnumbered and weren’t as trained, with no experience, but they won because of their clever tactics. We enjoyed making wanted posters for William Wallace because he was a wanted man after the battle!

We also wrote a newspaper report about King Alexander III’s death. We drew pictures and wrote headlines and the key information.

We do ukelele every Tuesday. We were switching chords and learning tons of new things!

And now that it is December we start learning about Advent. We have started lighting candles on our advent wreath during prayers.

By Charlotte and Lewis

P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 26.11.18

On Monday this week we played football. The teachers chose football teams and we played on the astro. On Tuesday morning we learnt to play the ukelele with two men called Fraser and David and it was great fun! Then we made comic strips about what started the Scottish Wars of Independence – Margaret Maid of Norway died so there was no heir left…

We also started planning a newspaper report about the death of King Alexander III. We planned our newspaper titles, headlines and a date. Most people made the date the 20th March 1286 because that was the day after he died.

On Thursday we did Highland Hustle with Mrs Gargaro. It is a fitness class based on highland dancing. We were exhausted in one minute! We did slow dances and fast ones too.

It was a great week.

By Olivia and Sam

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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 19.11.18

For Scottish Book Week we made up our own characters and then wrote about them using similes. For example I drew The Emperor Diamond and my similes were “as tall as a giraffe” and “as fast as a cheetah”. We really liked being creative and getting to sit with our friends while we did it .

We were also naming parts of a medieval knight’s armour and it was really fun. We know what a knight’s armour was like now. We enjoyed labelling a picture of all the different parts of the armour.

Also, we read to the P3s, and I read Nessie to a nice boy. It was really fun seeing the P3s and we loved getting to read to our partners.

In maths we made our own graphs .We gathered all the information about how we travelled to school. It was so much fun – we love making our own graphs and find data handling good fun.

We joined in an online Author’s Live session with Joseph Coelho, where we drew a spider graph about “if the world were…”. So if the world were sweets, people would be gummy. It was very interesting and fun.

We got to make a Book Creator e-book about the death of Alexander III, and we added lots of extra information and detail. We enjoyed getting to work with people from the other P5 class.

By Michael C and Iona


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P5 Learning Log – Week Beginning 12.11.18

This week in PE we played football on the Astroturf. Everyone was cheering each other on and everyone was having fun. We also did more meditation which was relaxing, quiet and calm. Most people enjoyed it and some people fell asleep!

We learnt about the Beatitudes and up our own, one for each class. P5a’s was “blessed are those who love and care for people on the street, for they will be loved and cared for by God”, and P5b’s was “blessed are those who are positive in attitude, for they will be shown positivity and kindness in return”.

We also learnt about Anti-Bullying week. We did a picture of a good friend hand where we wrote what mades a good friend.

We learnt about how medieval houses were made, with wattle and daub. Everyone laughed because the daub was made of manure! We also wrote a diary entry as if we were medieval peasants, which we enjoyed.

By Thomas, Sophia and Lewis

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