P5A Learning Blog 26th March 2021

Primary 5a have enjoyed being back at school and seeing all our friends and spending time with them. We are working on being nicer to our friends and having fewer fallouts. 

In outdoor learning we have been learning about how animals survive in the wild and how their senses help them adapt to life. We drew pictures of animals and played a game where we had to listen to identify the predator. 

This week we have been painting blossom branches for the spring blossom tree we are going to assemble in our classroom next week. We have also have been making a stained glass window of Jesus for next week’s Stations of the Cross school project. Soon we will be making wild animals out of clay in art with Miss McWilliam. 

In Literacy we have been doing a novel study of Catscape by the Edinburgh author Mike Nicolson. Our last task was to make an iMovie to show our predictions of what might happen next in the story. 

We have been learning about fractions in maths. It was fun but at times hard and confusing for some of us. We’ll keep trying! We have also been learning how to measure the perimeter of shapes. 

(To write this blog we worked in groups to think of what we had been learning in one subject then we took turns typing what we composed). 

This week in Primary 5B

In P5B we have all been really excited to be back! We love being able to learn with our friends again and we are really enjoying it. The work we have been doing these past two weeks has been a lot of fun. 

We have been doing literacy, continuing our study into the Edinburgh based novel Catscape. Our latest task was to create an iMovie based on what we think will happen next in the book. This task has been a lot of fun!

Recently we have been covering fractions in maths it has not been the easiest task, but we have enjoyed it! We have been investigating halves, thirds, quarters and tenths and learning about equivalent fractions. 

We have also been doing P.E with Mr Devine, mostly covering speed, agility, throwing accuracy, problem solving, teamwork and hand-eye co-ordination.

We have been thinking about kindness in HWB, and have started a kindness jar. We have enjoyed making candles for people we want to pray for in R.E. 

We are very happy to be back at school and find it easier and more fun to learn all together! 

-Written by P5B

P5 Outdoor Learning

Primary 5A worked started their animal adaptation topic and focused on a woodland animal, that they would like to find out more about. They are looking forward to creating their chosen animals in art in the forthcoming weeks! 

They also enjoyed using their ‘deer’ ears and listening out for the predator in this weeks game. Well done P5A!