Day two continued at Benmore House

This afternoon group 8 and Miss Sinclair went to the high ropes course. We were nervous and excited before we went and scared when we saw the height of the course.

Eliza compared the height to a 7.5m diving board! She enjoyed the thrill of going higher and jumping onto the trapeze.

Tommy enjoyed going upside down while hanging down from the high ropes course!

Brandon enjoyed climbing up the totem pole to a wobbly platform with Tommy and jumping towards the trapeze, which Brandon and Tommy caught.

Hannah enjoyed working together to belay for a partner. She supported Emily and made sure she stayed safe. She also enjoyed trying more than one course.

Grace loved the first course because it had cool ropes even though she was scared before she tried it. She liked jumping off with a harness, it felt like she was flying.

Jack felt it was challenging to let go and jump towards the trapeze. He felt great and proud of himself when he successfully caught the flying trapeze.

Oliver felt a little nervous before he got to the ropes course, he wasn’t sure he could it. However he did! He felt proud and amazed that he jumped off the totem pole to the trapeze!

We felt we achieved something special today and we can’t wait to try more activities!

By Group 8 (Eliza, Hannah, Tommy, Oliver, Jack, Brandon and Grace C.)

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