ECO Rep meeting – May 2016

ECO Rep meeting Thursday 26th May

Welcome – Apologies – Charlie and Erinn P6

Litter issues

Litter rota has continued and children were reminded today about the importance of leading by example to encourage more volunteers to litter pick each day.

School dinners

Mr Burgess is ordering a recycling bin for cartons and plastics for the dinner hall.


Recycling continues to be done regularly by most classes. Martha felt it important to remind pupils not to put full or half finished milk cartons in the recycling and to ensure they remove straws.

ECO celebration Day

Pupils chose to focus on endangered animals this year as part of the World Environment Day theme. Each class will choose an animal and children will, at home, produce a poster, factfile, story, poem or models bout that animal. These will be paraded at the ECO celebration morning. ECO reps will relay this information to their classes and tell Mr Burgess about their choice of animal.


Eliza to talk at assembly about litter rota to encourage children to take more responsibility for their playground environment.

Lola suggested posters in the hall to remind children about recycling plastics and eating all their lunch.

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 16th June

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