P7 Learning review week beginning 13th May

In R.E P7 have been learning about The Prodigal Son. It was written by Luke who was a Greek and tried to get people who had no religion to follow Jesus. The Prodigal Son is about a father and his two sons. The youngest son went off to another country and partied with the money his father had given him whilst the eldest so stayed at home and worked hard on his father’s farm. However one day a great famine swept over the country the youngest son was in and he ran out of money and had to go and work for someone feeding pigs. He got so hungry he considered eating the pig slop then thought of how the workers in his father’s farm would be feed with a plentiful supply of food so decided to return home. Despite thinking his father would hate him he welcomed him back and gave him a party saying my son was lost and now he has been found.

We had to write what we thought the meaning of this was and why it was told. I think the meaning of the story is that you should forgive people and welcome outsiders into your circle.

This week we have also been learning about science. Everybody is in groups of three and have been given a body system to study. There is the skeletal system, respitory system and the nervous system. Every group has to come up with a way to present their research and have a part to check that the people listening have been able to understand their work. There is different ways to show this research, you can do a book creator powerpoint or a quiz. You could also do an experiment which shows how the system works in real life.

I have felt happy coming here, everyone is really nice, I’m developing some friendships.

By Niamh

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